(6igemat pealkirja annab otsida…)

November 5-7

SMSes that Lobo sent me on the day of my return and the following:

Wooohoooo….you are back today? 12:46:13 04.11.2008

Hey Pls come fast i cant go home without u around…dont tell the asshole..delete msg Pls 03:52:53 05.11.2008

I speak to you in russian from tomo…u will understand..i almost forgot 06:54:01 5.11

I am getting cable and my p.s 2 fixed today for sure…Fuck everyone else..Lol…will pay myself 06:59:06

I will pay the rent dont worry i am rich…Lol 07:02:10

I am quitin satans college today…maybe..lets see..before they kill my honour 07:03:23

Awesome choco taste…i love you… 07:09:40

I am buying an r.d 350in a month…its an indian superbike…like super 07:12:35

Its like alcohol a bit 07:16:34

I am getting a dog for my room…my maid will take care of it..it wont come outside my room 07:29:52

Can we keep a big one or do i have to get a small one?i can feed small alone…big is nice security..even cops will piss..for the nothing that i hide Lol 07:31:43

And it will bark lovely or loudly when i am frustrated…Lol 07:32:28

Basically i want a dog…i will move out of here and get one if u Fuckers have any problems…and i wont move tomo dont worry…i will help finish 2lack and i am gone with my money..new boy will come in old boys place 07:34:06

I was sacred everything will go wrong if u leave..and it came true in too scary a way..sorry for disturb..eruptasino 07:35:38

I got attacked outside the house 4days back 07:41:09

There is too much rice at home and everyday i waste Food that i dont cook..can i get a dog now? 07:43:52

Ill kill it if any one will get hurt by it… 07:44:34

One guy died in the accident behind me…i dint know him 07:49:08

If u want to talk to me today here is the chance 07:50:38

I am on the run btw…if cops come home…tell the truth about everything…i will say the same…sorry… 07:54:40

I am so sorry…i swear i will give 50k and move out 07:56:13

I dont want a dog anymore…sorry 09:29:09

Peoples ex boy frands hit me…u cant not understand that Pls 11:33:27

Overview of events and behavior of a very disturbed boy:

He called me when i was in Mumbai to say that the house was a mess, sorry about that and that his bike is not there. Where is it, I asked. He was in an accident and the bike is gone. Is he alright, i worried. Yes, physically he is fine but mentally he cannot cope with the idea that his bike is gone. Come home fast, he said. See you soon, i said.

In the morning he was saying how he cannot live with Manas anymore. Ever since I left to Estonia he’s been quiet, not talking to him. And he has something against Lobo apparently.

The bike is gone, we can go see it – it’s up the road.

Then he knocked to ask for a charger because one of Manas’ friends has stolen his or something.

Then he knocked to speak some more, how his bike was so expensive and it’s in pieces now. A work of art, he said, he should bring it inside the house for a display. And oh yeah, he borrowed 8k and spent it to prove to Manas that he can squander money too.

Then I tried to fall asleep.

He knocked and when i went to the door he was near the bathroom, sobbing, saying he killed someone. He cannot remember anything about the accident but his friend called and said there was news in the paper and his bikenumber was mentioned and one guy is killed. He said the cops are after him, calling and he has to go to the police station.

He said he has to go to jail for a few days. He said he cannot remember anything.

After a while he said h ehas no idea who took his bike, its just gone. With the keys, must have been some friend. And that h ehad called up everyone asking about his bike.

Then, all of a sudden, he said he needs a dog. Because if cops come to our place and see a dog, theyll see he is a nice boy. He needs a dog, how can I not understand that.

I said he cannot have a dog.

He turned to Bharad and told him to tell me why he needs one. That he needs one and hell train it to attack people, bite them from the neck. He said he will keep it in his room only, never lets it out, trains it to go outside on it own – ill just have to put up with it barking and peeing inside the house til it is a puppy.

Can i have a dog, he asked.

Look at her, he said to Bharad. She is much too powerful, i cannot stay with her. If she cried and Manas finds out, he’ll take it out on me. Why would i cry, i asked.

Well, youre depressed, he replied.

Can i get a dog?

No, i said.

Fuck you, ill move out if you dont let me get one.

Fine, i said, getting up, move out.

He gave me the finger. I wasnt wearing my glasses so i made a joke about me not seeing which finger it is and went back to my room.

Bharad was willing to kick his ass but I calmed him down, switched off my phone and fell asleep.

As i woke up, Bharad said what had happened in the meantime.

Hearing hideous coughing and barfing sounds he woke up and heard Lobo outside the door.

He had knocked and said, Tell Annika I’m sorry but I threw up all over her toothbrush and toothpaste, ill get her new ones, ill buy new ones. Im sorry.

After a while he knocked again and said, Tell Annika I cannot be around depressed people because i get depressed too. Tell her that.

Then he left.

Late at night, Manas came home and we talked and decided he needs to move out and well tell him when he gets back or in the morning.

Around noon the next day, Manas woke me up and said he’s going to call him. They talked, Manas yelled, I could hear Lobo yelling back, calling him names, crying and in the end Manas said something like, don’t you dare threaten me. Fuck you, get out.

He said Lobo had said that everything turned to shit when that white bitch moved in.

Okay, I thought. This is so not over.

After a while Lobo sent me a message asking for his money.

I want my money back today you nice white…b 12:56:17 06.11.08

That you are white and smart..ha ha… 13:29:24

Ha ha nice i need a new bike white trash 13:34:13

The he called. He called saying he wants his 50k today and he’ll move out. I said he hasnt paid 50k, he has paid 35k the most, what is he saying.

He laughed some and said, listen, either I get my 50k today or you die. You die, your boyfriend or some friend is gonna die. I dont care, someone is gonna be dead.

And he hung up.

Bharad looked at me. What did he say, he asked seriously. Looking at him, I didnt reply.

Did he say you die, your boyfriend or friend is gonna die? Did he, Bharad insisted.

After a while I said yes.

That’s it, give me the phone.

He called him, Lobo didnt let him talk. When Bharad said, If you call her that one more time…I understood Lobo called me a bitch. But he didnt let him finish the threat and said, come outside.

Bharad got up, furious. I pleaded him not to do anything.

He got outside, there was noone there.

So he told me not to stay at home today and went to work.

I called Frankie to get a hold of Danny. Danny called and asked if I was okay. Then he called up Bharad and scolded him for not being with me.

Bharad came, picked me up and dropped me to MG. Here I am, at Java City, waiting for Manas to come so we’ll go see Lobo’s dad.

Lobo texted one last time:

Fuck i wish i could return your chocolates had i not finished and thanked em for you…anyways you thanked me enough…and all i did was ask u for help with a mental issuse…and i will move you…i hate your kind…cant live with depression addicts…and dennis the menis 18:05:22